Riding tours and accommodation


Enjoy the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula with the family of Stóri-Kambur.

Riding tours and accommodation


Enjoy the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula with the family of Stóri-Kambur.

Riding tours and accommodation


Enjoy the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula with the family of Stóri-Kambur.

Riding tours and accommodation


Enjoy the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula with the family of Stóri-Kambur.

Riding tours and accommodation


Enjoy the magnificent Snæfellsnes peninsula with the family of Stóri-Kambur.

About Us

We are a family-run business

Stóri-Kambur horse rental is a small family run business that strives towards providing our guests with an unforgettable and personal experience of nature as well as the history of Snæfellsnes, whilst also introducing them to the near-mythical being that is the Icelandic horse. Having personally owned horses for all of our lives and well before opening this horse rental we have fostered a deep connection with our four-legged friends, who as well as our dogs are an integral part of our family. Many of whom have been with us longer than our children and as a result, we know them all as we would an old friend.


Each and every one of which is their own character who needs it‘s own individual care and treatment.

Come ride with us on a short riding tour on one of the most beautiful trails in West Iceland. What better way to experience Icelandic nature than on an Icelandic horse?

We also offer accommodation in cosy cottages with amazing views. Suitable for 2-4 people.


Horse riding in the vicinity of Snæfellsjökull Glacier

Availability: 1.June – 15.September

Stóri-Kambur horse rental offers short riding tours. We begin our tour at Stóri-Kambur and ride along the golden shoreline below Snæfellsjökull, on Hraunlandarif, between Búdir and Arnarstapi, where there are magnificent views to be enjoyed.

We invite our guests to experience the beautiful and tranquil nature that can be found off the beaten track on Snæfellsnes, experience the proximity to the sea and the magical force of the glacier. This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful riding trails in the country.

The tours we offer at Stóri Kambur include but are not limited to:

A one-hour trip which is bookable here on our webpage.

A two-hour trip, to see availability please send us a request here. 

For our more advanced riders who’d like to ride faster or those who simply want to enjoy privacy while on the horse we offer private tours both one and two hours. To see availability please send us a request here.

More information

Departure: The one hour tours start at 10 am, 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm. Two hours of rides we can offer when we have low sea tide within the opening hours, please contact us for more information.

Private tours: If you prefer a private tour, 1 or 2 hours please contact us.

Weather conditions: We reserve the right to cancel tours with short notice if weather conditions are not favourable for horses and riders.

The minimum age for riding tours is 7 years. Children under the age of 7 will be led by rein close to the stables.

There is no minimum number of riders required for each tour, but we recommend that all tours be booked in advance so that we can ensure that everyone has a horse to suit their skill level.

Included: We provide helmets, appropriate clothing (for rain and wind) and boots.

What to bring: It is best to wear comfortable and warm clothing that isn´t slippery and doesn’t make a rustling sound.

Availability: 1.June – 15.September


1-hour group ride is 9.000 ISK per adult / 8.000 ISK per child.

2-hour group ride is 15.000 ISK per person

1-hour private ride is 12.000 ISK per person

2-hour private ride is 18.000 ISK per person

Get ready

Book now

Private tours and groups

Customized tours

We are happy to make a customized tour for you and your group. Suitable for those riders with some experience and can take from 2 hours up to a day trip. If you´d like a little challenge or more privacy, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

The horses

Get to know our horses

We place great importance on our horses having a good temperament, and that they are diverse when it comes to their looks, abilities and character. After all, our guest’s experiences vary, and while some have never been on a horse before, others are advanced riders. We try our best to find a horse that suits the skill level of each and every rider individually. So, come now and get to know our horses in person while riding on one of the prettiest tracks in the country. 


Disinfection instructions from the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority

Importing horses to Iceland is strictly forbidden. Due to the isolation of the country and the import ban, the Icelandic horse has been lucky enough to avoid most of the diseases horses in other countries can be inflicted with. Importation of used tackle, riding clothes or anything else which may be used around horses is also strictly forbidden unless it has been disinfected in accordance with law. See further on the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority’s website.

We care deeply about our horses and the Icelandic horse breed. Please help us maintain the health of the Icelandic horse and respect rules regarding the disinfection of tackle and riding clothes.

Stay at Stóri-Kambur cottages

We offer accommodation in cosy cottages located at our farm Stóri-Kambur. The accommodation combines a living room, bedroom and kitchenette in one living space in addition to a bathroom with a shower. The accommodation is suitable for 2-4 people and it is self-catering. The view is amazing and the sense of tranquillity is otherworldly. We do not provide breakfast, both houses have a kitchen with cooking facilities.

Where are we

Our location

Stóri-Kambur farm stands on the southern part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, and it only takes about 7 minutes to drive from Búdir and Arnarstapi.

From Reykjavík, it takes just over 2 hours to drive and from Borgarnes it takes about an hour.

From Ólafsvík it takes about 25 minutes to drive, just over half an hour to Grundarfjördur and less than an hour to Stykkishólmur.

Around us


Snæfellsnes peninsula is about 90 km long on the western part of Iceland with high, and at times, a ferocious mountain range, which has been formed in volcanos and by glacial erosion. The landscape is magical and diverse. Snæfellsjökull is perched on the outermost part of the mountain range and surrounding it is the youngest national park in Iceland, Snæfellsjökull National Park. At Snæfellsnes you can find mineral springs, white sandy beaches, lively bird cliffs, and quaint little villages and towns. Waves and islands, unique walking trails and diverse recreational activities will definitely make a trip to Snæfellsnes an adventure to remember.


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