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Cancellation policy

Please contact us as early as possible in case your plans change so we can assist you. Cancellations must be written and sent to us via e-mail: info@storikambur.is. In conformity with business practices within the Icelandic travel industry, we at Stóri-Kambur Horse Rental are obliged to charge cancellation fees to participant(s) as follows:

Cancellation charges

Cancellations received less than 24 hours prior to departure will be charged full price. Cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to departure are charged 40% of the total price.

Stóri-Kambur reserves the right to cancel any booking at short notice. If the day tour is canceled by us, for example, due to bad conditions considering the weather or for other major reasons, we will inform you as soon as possible and you will be offered another date for the tour, or be refunded according to the tour price.


We strongly advise all our clients to have travel insurance against costs and losses, including compensation for medical costs and cancellation fees.

Safety rules & responsibilities of participants:

The age limit for 1-hour rides is 7 years and the age limit for 2 hours rides is 10. A short lead can be booked for children under 7 years.

Due to possible damage to unborn children and the woman herself in case of an accident, pregnant women are not permitted to join the riding tours.

People under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs are not permitted on riding tours.

Please note that the weight limit for all tours is 115 kg (253 lbs) and be physically fit.

All participants must take part in the riding tour of their own free will and are aware that each trip can involve some risk and danger.

It is the responsibility of each rider to assess whether he is physically able to take part in the trip. Each participant is obliged to inform the tour guide of any condition that might affect their ability to participate in the tour.

The staff at Stóri-Kambur reserve the right to advise participant(s) against horseback riding if they believe it may be dangerous to their health or the health of those around them.

In order to ensure the security of each participant every rider agrees to follow safety rules provided by the staff of Stóri-Kambur. In case of failure in that respect by the participant and/or he gives the staff wrong information, that will entail the loss of rights to make claim against Stóri-Kambur. Each participant shall bear all responsibility for damage caused by him due to his carelessness or failure to follow set/given/published instructions by Stóri-Kambur and its staff.

Backpacks or bags cannot be taken on the ride but valuables can be stored by the staff of Stóri-Kambur. All luggage and personal equipment are, at all times, at your own risk. We will not be responsible for any loss, or damage to your luggage and/or personal equipment.


All complaints must reach Stóri-Kambur within one week from the day of booked riding tour. Otherwise, possible compensation is not valid.

Note: Stóri-Kambur reserves the right to vary routes and itineraries due to weather or road conditions. All programs can be changed or canceled at any moment during the trip to assure the safety of the clients and staff of Stóri-Kambur.

No responsibility is accepted for losses, or expenses due to delays, changes of flights, or other services or because of strikes, accidents, sickness, damage, negligence, weather, war, changes in schedules, or other similar causes. Stóri-Kambur and other partners do not assume responsibility for accidents or death that can be traced to the participant´s negligence, acts of third parties, or exterior circumstances such as weather, natural occurrences, war, or other similar causes.

Choice of law and jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the purchase shall be in accordance with Icelandic law. Both parties agree that the only jurisdiction and venue for any dispute with Stóri-Kambur or in any way relating to the use of this website, www.storikambur.is, or to products purchased from Stóri-Kambur is before the district court in Borgarnes, Iceland.

  • A cancellation fee of 100.0% is charged if canceled 1 day or less before the event
  • A cancellation fee of 40.0% is charged if canceled 2 days or less before the event

Privacy policy

All personal information will be strictly confidential and will not be given or sold to a third party.

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